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Application process
Application process

Activity background:

EPFIC has set up a “Golden Five Stars Awarding Ceremony” for the convention and exhibition industry, to recognize  outstanding enterprises, venues, cities, convention and exhibition institutions, hotels, governmental MICE administration departments and research institutions with outstanding performances in the development of China's convention and exhibition industry. The establishment of the Golden Five Stars Awards aims to select outstanding representatives of China's exhibition industry, establish industry role models, and promote the healthy and orderly development of China's convention and exhibition industry. Here we sincerely look forward to your participation and invite you to jointly describe the bright future of the exhibition industry.

 Selection process

n    Fill in the award application form for each reporting unit and individual;

n   The organizing committee will conduct preliminary examination of the applicants and individuals;

n   Qualified applicants and individuals are selected for the finalists;

n    The expert jury will review the short-listed reporting units and individuals;

n   Appraise the final award-winning reporting units and individuals;

n   The Golden Five-Star Awards Ceremony presented trophies and certificates to the final winners and individuals.

selection criteria

n   The applicant must come from the conference and exhibition industry or related industry;

n   The applicant must take absolute leading market position and leading market share in the industry;

n   The applicant must have good publicity, public trust, and public attention in the industry;

n   High degree of internationalization and high proportion of international exhibitors;

n   The company has continuous innovation capability;

n   The company must adhering to the principle of fairness and justice, there is no deeds of violation of law and discipline, and social influence is obvious.