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Background Introduction
Background Introduction

 What are the biggest differences between EPFIC and other activities in the exhibition industry?

1. The highest international participation  of all exhibition communication activities in China:

Participants of EPFIC have come from a total of 36 countries and regions, including the embassies of various countries in China, tourism bureaus and related agencies in China; the trade visitor database has more than 2,000 valid customer data with their exhibition projects; the number of participants is up to 10,000, so it is the highest level of participation of all the existing exhibition industry communication activities in China.


2. China's most effective and commercial exhibition industry activities:

Through the exhibition destination exhibition, special promotion, “one-on-one” matching negotiation, EPFIC helps participants reach the initial cooperation intention between potential customers from home and abroad, and aims to be the most effective business exhibition industry communication event in China!

 What is the mission and philosophy of EPFIC?

EPFIC provides the best business cooperation platform and high-end dialogue platform for convention and exhibition professionals from the political, business, academic, association and media field in the global conference, exhibition and business travel industries. We strive to enable each and every customer to find the best business partners through 2 days of meetings and exhibitions, and obtain the latest information in the industry, so as to enhance the industry communication, prospective market forecasting and brand promotion.