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Application  process
Application process

* Prerequisite requirements to be trade visitors:

(1) "As long as you are organizer of conference / exhibition"

Host of domestic and foreign conferences/exhibitions/activities and related organizations

Domestic and foreign key industry associations and organizations hosting important conferences and exhibitions in the relevant industry

Chinese/foreign conference/meeting industry associations

Domestic and foreign government management functions in the conference/exhibition/meeting industry

The direct representative office of a foreign exhibition company in China or the general agent in China

National Embassy / Chamber of Commerce / Trade Promotion Bureau

National Tourism Office Representative Offices/Institutions in China

Tourism Bureau / Tourism Industry Association

(2) As long as you have a specific purchase intention

With target purchase area

With target procurement project


* The process of applying to participate as a trade visitor:

(1) Fill in the application form and submit the application

(2) Your application form will be reviewed by the organizing committee

Once your application has passed the review by the organizing committee, you will receive an official email notification or phone call from the organizing committee.

(3) On-site negotiation

According to the timetable provided by the organizing committee, you must sign up for the "one-on-one" business meeting.