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Rights & obligations
Rights & obligations

* Trade visitor rights and obligations:


1. Obtain complimentary admission to EPFIC 2019

2. The organizing committee will provide four-star/five-star hotel accommodation around the venue of the EPFIC from July 2-4, 2019.

3. Provide high-speed rail tickets to and from the venue of the conference (second-class seats, only for trade visitors from out of Beijing)

4. Get the exclusive reception service during EPFIC

5. Provide train station, subway station, airport reception service (please pay attention to the schedule released later by the organizing committee)

6. Two-day lunch, coffee and tea, cocktail party banquet, Golden Five-stars Awarding Dinner

7. During the event, the organizing committee will provide shuttle bus service between the designated hotels and the convention center

8. During the event, the trade visitors can participate in live interactive activities to win gifts

9. During the event, the trade visitor can participate in free multi-disciplinary forums and other related industry exchanges to learn about the latest industry situations.

10. Become a member of the China International Conference and Exhibition Trade Visitors Club and  are entitled to relative  professional inquiry service at any time

11. Receive a set of China International Conference and Exhibition Magazine or MICE Business Tourism Magazine for one year

12. Complete EPFIC negotiation and docking task to get a gift



1. Trade visitors will make an appointment with the exhibitors in the main exhibition area, and carry out at least 25 docking negotiations on site.

2. Trade visitors are entitled to "one-on-one" business negotiation seat in the “One-to-One Docking Meeting” (first come first served)

Note: The trade visitors who have passed the audit of the organizing committee must meet with the companies of their potential interest in the exhibition area and all the special project matching conferences during the three days of EPFIC 2019 to complete all the agreed number of negotiations as scheduled.

Reminder: The organizer of EPFIC 2019 will only provide the above subsidies to trade visitors who have completed all the agreed number of negotiations during the conference.